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AcademicEnglishEditingServices.com the website of Dr. Christopher Evans, or just “Toffa” as I am usually known to my clients and friends.

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I am a freelance editor and translator of academic texts, who has been performing this work for over 20 years. This makes me one of the most experienced professionals currently practicing in the field. My own academic contributions are in natural science, including the life sciences, and many different fields of philosophical study. However, my expertise, as a professional translator (between Spanish or Catalan and English) and editor of academic and technical manuscripts, extends to many other disciplines and fields.

More than 20 Years of experience...


I have a BSc honours degree in physics, from Manchester University, UK. In 2005 this was recognised by the Spanish government as equivalent to their Licenciatura en Física. I also have a master’s degree, MSc, in studies of science from the Open University, UK, and a doctorate, PhD, in philosophy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain.

Although I am a native English speaker (I left England at the age of 24 and had never spoken any other languages at the time), after over 30 years living and working in Spain, and specifically in Barcelona, I am now trilingual between English, Spanish and Catalan. I have official certificates in both Spanish and Catalan.

I also have a qualification from a private Spanish university (Universidad Antonio de Nebrija) in data protection, in order to bring myself up to speed after the changes introduced into European legislation in 2018 (EU 2016/679 and the Ley Orgánica 3/2018 in Spain).


of Manchester

The Open



of Barcelona


The rates I charge are highly competitive for the top-quality academic English correcting and editing I offer, typically with a view to publication in learned journals. Moreover, I regularly collaborate with fellow native-English editors from other disciplines, so if your work requires such expertise, I can call in experienced academic editors in specialties across the range of arts and social sciences. I personally oversee and approve any work undertaken on this basis.

Likewise, I can call on additional talent as required to complete translations of academic or technical texts between Spanish or Catalan and English. While I am trilingual, my mother tongue is English and I have been collaborating with native Spanish- and Catalan-speaking translators for many years.

  • If you would like to know more about my experience and work, then please consult the list of my previous clients, see my full CV, or read the comments from some of my satisfied customers.
  • If you want a quote, then please send me an email explaining exactly what it is that you need, and include a sample, or the complete text, if possible:

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I will reply within 3 working days, either with an initial quote for the work or detailing further information I require before providing you with a quote. Once the fee has been agreed, along with a confirmed timetable for delivery of the work, I may require part payment upfront, or a series of instalments, depending on the scale of the work in question.